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  • Intensive Personal Development Courses named “The Harlequin Experience”
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Course dates for  2015
  • Cape Town Harlequin 27 – 30 January 2016  
  • Istanbul Harlequin 2 – 5  December Harlequin
  • It is my purpose to employ the powers I have in every way possible to disseminate what I have been gifted with. In this I am entirely selfish, because by serving you I serve myself and fulfill my own purpose in life. Consider this:

    1. Life applauds action not thought. Get busy. Do something!
    2. If your mind can conceive of it you can achieve it. More powerful than this you cannot be!
    3. You can only create something new when you are willing to break that which already exists. What risks are you willing to take?
    4. No-one can take your power away. Only you can give it away. Take it back!
    5. When you feel you know the answer to life you have almost certainly missed the point. Do you want to be right or do you want to win?
    6. Your life is that way that it is because that is how you make it. You are the Master Magician in your life. What more is there to want?
    7. The best way to serve yourself is to continually ask your significant other the question “How can I serve you?”
    Feel welcome to enter into the space of my life, and to experience how with the change of perspective comes the change of life. Be aware of what’s inside you. Make a choice. This life, in the now, is the only one you have.


    Anitra Elliot Fowles

    It’s been years, Sir, but the lessons are coming thick and fast at the moment! I had forgotten my path but omg is the universe screaming at me!  Hope you are well and THANK YOU, that 21 years on I can draw on the tools you gave me as a young girl to get me through my next phase of life!  With all my gratitude and love.

    Jacqueline Brown

    My life prior to Harlequin was a menagerie of ‘happenings’ and ‘non-experiences’ that I was simply swept along with. It felt as though my life was passing me by without my own involvement. Through working with the concepts of ‘know thyself, love thyself and be thyself’ throughout the three courses I have watched myself bloom into a powerful, strong, confident, unique woman who now has the tools, support and belief in herself to tackle anything that may cross her path. I am sure in the knowledge and awareness that in everything, I have the choice to create the outcome to the situation or relationship presented to me along my journey. Past experiences may shape us and determine our behaviour.  I now have the ability to recognise those experiences, the resulting behaviours and choose how I will respond and shape my life according to the choices I make.


    “Although some of the learnings during the Harlequin course were familiar I had not yet learned how to apply them to my  life. Christopher Nevill gave me techniques to work with and putting them into practice has made huge positive changes. The course was amazing and it was truly indulgent and worthwhile to spend so much time on myself. I suggest everyone does it.  You will not walk away with getting something extremely valuable out of it.”


    • “The courses makes you THINK and WANT. You become aware of what’s actually going wrong at the moment, and you get tools at hand to act. Yes, it is spiritual, but it is boldly pragmatic at the same time. Wish I could do it every month.” HM
    • “In the struggle for life we somehow lose touch to ourselves and the cild within. This is a great place  to reflect and to energize.” LM
    • “Reading books about how to make changes in your life is a good start. But being in a group and physically experiencing all these strong positive energies is a different level. 4 days of enlightment with tears and smiles – WOW.” OD
    • “I would not say that what I learnt about life and myself has made life easier. What I do KNOW however is that I feel I have the power to change things to what I want them to be. A huge gift!” DK
    • “Christopher grabs you in a second. It feels uncomfortable at first, but you let yourself fall into his and the group’s hands. I have not had such a satisfying interaction with people in a long time. I miss them.” MK
    • “What is the course about?! Coming home after every session and everyone looks at you as you   have just been beamed down from a different star. They desperately wanna know what happened.   Lots of open and smiling eyes… ” AM