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  • Intensive Personal Development Courses named “The Harlequin Experience”
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Course dates for Cape Town 2015
  • 15 – 18 July  Harlequin

It is my purpose to employ the powers I have in every way possible to disseminate what I have been gifted with. In this I am entirely selfish, because by serving you I serve myself and fulfill my own purpose in life. Consider this:

  1. Life applauds action not thought. Get busy. Do something!
  2. If your mind can conceive of it you can achieve it. More powerful than this you cannot be!
  3. You can only create something new when you are willing to break that which already exists. What risks are you willing to take?
  4. No-one can take your power away. Only you can give it away. Take it back!
  5. When you feel you know the answer to life you have almost certainly missed the point. Do you want to be right or do you want to win?
  6. Your life is that way that it is because that is how you make it. You are the Master Magician in your life. What more is there to want?
  7. The best way to serve yourself is to continually ask your significant other the question “How can I serve you?”
Feel welcome to enter into the space of my life, and to experience how with the change of perspective comes the change of life. Be aware of what’s inside you. Make a choice. This life, in the now, is the only one you have.